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Main publications

  1. E. Simoen, C. Claeys, V.B. Neimash, A. Kraitchinskii, N. Krasko, O. Puzenko, A. Blondeel, P. Clauws. Deep levels in high-energy proton-irradiated tin-doped n-type Czochralski silicon // Appl. Phys. Lett.- 2000.- V.76, № 20.- P.2838-2840.

  2. V.B. Neimash, A. Kraitchinskii, M. Kras'ko, O. Puzenko, C. Claeys, E.Simoen, B. Svensson and A. Kuznetsov. Influence of tin impurities on the generation and annealing of thermal oxygen donors in czochralski silicon at 450 oC // J. Electrochem. Soc.- 2000.-V.147, № 7.- P.2727-2733.
  3. C.Claeys, E.Simoen, V.Neimash, A.Kraitchinskii, M.Kras’ko, O.Puzenko, A.Blondeel, and P.Clauws. Tin Doping of Silicon for Controlling Oxygen Precipitation and Radiation Hardness // J.Electrochem.Soc.- 2001.- V.148, N12.-P.G738-G745.

  4. E.Simoen, J.M.Rafi, C.Claeys, V.Neimash, A.Kraitchinskii, M.Kras’ko, V.Tishchenko, V.Voitovych, J.Versluys, P.Clauws. Deep levels in High-Temperature 1 MeV Electron-Irradiated n-Type Czochralski Silicon // Jap. J. Appl. Phys.- 2003.-v.42, N12.-pp.7184-7188.
  5. V.Neimash, M.Kras’ko, A.Kraitchinskii, V.Voytovych, V.Tishchenko, E.Simoen, J.M.Rafi, C.Claeys, J.Versluys, O. De Gryse, P.Clauws. DLTS studies of High-Temperature Electron Irradiated Cz n-Si // Phys.St.Sol.(a).-2004.- V.201, N 3.- p.509-516.

  6. A.Kraitchinskii, M.Kras’ko, V.Neimash, L.Shpinar, V.Tishchenko, V.Voitovich, A.O.Goushcha, R.A.Metzler. Small angle light scattering and clusters of thermal donors in Si.// J. Appl.Phys.-2004.-V.96, N12.- pp. 7235-7238.
  7. M. L. David, E. Simoen, C. Claeys, V. Neimash, M. Kras'ko, A. Kraitchinskii, V. Voytovych, A. Kabaldin and J. F. Barbot. Electrically active defects in irradiated n-type Czochralski silicon doped with group IV impurities // J. Phys.: Condens. Matter.- 2005.- Volume 17, Number 22.- p. S2255-S2266.

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